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Column Bands in the bBrowser

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With the new feature group columns the visible columns are segmented into bands. The column bands refer to the column captions and column feet.




Generally, all data columns are in the band 1. These are in the picture above e.g. the columns "ID" and "FIRSTNAME" or "STATE" and "ZIP". The group columns are in the bands 2 to n. These are in the picture above the columns "Name" and "Place of Residence" for the band 2. The columns in the band 2 could be combined to a group column again. In this case the new group column would be in the band 3.


The bBrowser supports an arbitrary number of column bands. So that column captions and column footers can be displayed in column bands, the access bBrowser:AutoCaptionHeight and bBrowser:AutoFooterHeight must contain the value TRUE.


Important notes!

Only columns which are in the visible area of the bBrowser are considered in the column bands. Whether a column is in the visible area can be determined with the method bBrowser:IsColumnVisible().

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