The fast and flexible data browser


The bBrowser is a data browser control for the programming languages XSharp, Visual Objects and Vulcan.NET. It is fast, very flexible and easy to integrate into applications.



Product Description
  Product Editions   New features of bBrowser 4


Product Description

It can be connected with an almost arbitrary data server like the class DBServer, SQLSelect, AdoServer or ArrayServer (contained in bBrowser library). The data server must not be inherited from the VO class DataServer but can be an arbitrary VO class. The data server must only provide certain methods and accesses as an interface for the bBrowser. Which methods and accesses these are, is documented exactly in the help of the bBrowser.

If you are not or only partly satisfied with your current data browser, than you should have a closer look to the demo. It introduces you into the abilities of the bBrowser and enables you to compare your data browser with it.

Because the bBrowser is inherited from the VO class CustomControl, it can integrated into any window class.

The following list defines some feature of the bBrowser:

  • In comparison to the VO DataBrowser the bBrowser is faster at the factor 10 and more.

  • Columns can be displayed on calculated fields and/or on any expressions.

  • Different grids can be specified globally in the bBrowser for all columns as well as for every single column.

  • Several color, font and grid conditions can be specified globally in the bBrowser for all columns as well as for every single column.

  • Columns can be moved with the mouse and changed in the width.

  • Column values can be edited in various way. Integrating own controls for the edit is supported.

  • The bBrowser can be adjusted in such a way that it examines cyclically whether the data in the linked server changed, in order to update the display if necessary. This is meaningful whenever a data base is used by several programs.

  • Multiline column captions are supported.

  • Multiline column footers are supported.

  • Multiline column values are supported.

  • RTF-Text, Icons and bitmaps can be displayed as column values, column captions or as column footers.

  • The records in the bBrowser can be shown in record groups like in a TreeView. The record groups can be expanded and collapsed with the mouse or the keyboard.

  • Cell groups can be formed from several cells in the bBrowser. The cell groups can be moved with the mouse in the bBrowser. With cell groups a simple scheduler can be realized with the bBrowser.

  • A progress bar can be shown during reading the records into the bBrowser if a slow data connections exists.

  • Column values can be displayed as CheckBox, ComboBox or PushButton.

  • Data rows with variable height are supported. The bBrowser determines the respective row height on the basis of the column values automatically.

  • Empty values (like 0 or empty date) can be removed automatically from the display. Through this the realy important column values will be emphasized better.

  • Multi-Selection of several cells or columns are supported.

  • One or more columns can be frozen.

  • For each column editing, selecting, moving and changing the column width can be enabled or disabled.

  • Tooltips are supported for each row, column or cell.

  • The bBrowser contains an information area in which special messages can be displayed. Similar to Microsoft Outlook texts, icons or bitmaps can be shown in this area, if for example no records are existing.

  • The bBrowser integrates itself in the TAB-order of the window.

  • and much more...

You find further information about the bBrowser in the Online Help.


Product Editions

The bBrowser is offered in the following editions:

  • bBrowser.NET 4 (XSharp Edition)

  • bBrowser.NET 4 (Vulcan Edition)

  • bBrowser 4 (Visual Objects Edition)

  • bBrowser 1.4 (Limited)

The bBrowser 4 (Visual Objects Edition) is offered in the two versions Standard and Professional. Both versions are identical from the functionality. The Professional version contains additionally the whole source code in the programming language Visual Objects.

With bBrowser.NET 4 (XSharp Edition) and bBrowser.NET 4 (Vulcan Edition) the whole source code for the respective programming language is always contained.

The bBrowser 1.4 (Limited) is offered as free of cost version for Visual Objects 2.8 SP4. The bBrowser 1.4 (Limited) is a time unlimited, feature reduced version.

The following table lists the differences between bBrowser 4 and bBrowser 1.4 (Limited):

  bBrowser 4 bBrowser 1.4
Support of Visual Styles  
Support of Color Alpha Blending  
Record Groups
Cell Groups
Support of Drag & Drop  
Multiple Selection  
OwnerDraw Support
Support of a Title Bar  
Support of Info Values
Support of RTF-Texts  
Support of Icons and Bitmaps
Color Conditions
Font Conditions
Grid Conditions
Editable Conditions
Support of ToolTips  
Different Grid Styles  
Multiline Column Captions  
Column Footer  
Multiline Column Values  
Variable Row Height
Editing of Column Values    
Wallpaper in the Data Area    
Table Cursor Configuration    
Horizontal Scrolling in Pixel Steps    
AutoRefresh Support    
Virtual Columns
Group Columns
SQL (1)    
bSpinEdit Control    
Improved Support for RightSLE    

(1) The support of SQL is optimized in bBrowser 4.